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Eric Houghton
Work for sale or recently rendered.  Much of it popular work from the fence on Jackson Square.  Some of it has been sold.  Many pieces are available.  Click pic to enlarge. Prices listed.  
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Visitor  lg.   48x18"    $300
Bourbon 3am   24x24"    $250
Tall Man: trick or treat
18x5"    $80
Castle Corner   18x18"   $150
Up Clouet Street    40x10"    $200
Bywater Porch    14x10"   $100
Bywater Day   10x18"    $150
Tall Men   48x5    $200
Vistors sm.  24x7  $150
Float Face   24x12   $200
Parade    24x5   $80
St. Roch Cemetary    24x8    $150
Bourbon Tall Man   48x18     $300
Dressed in Black   48x18   $300
Big Red   24x24   $200
Flooded Bywater    48x8   $200
Cathedral Orange  24x12   $150
Union Park    30x24
Bywater Dusk  10x18     $150
Cathedral Blue  24x12  $150
Humid Bywater   18x18   $200
Bywater Red   24x24   $250
Flooded Dusk   40x7    $200
Gold Tombs 1   30x8   $150
Parade with Krsna
12x12  $100
Gold Tombs 2    18x18   $150
Cityscapes   12x12    $100
Cityscapes  24x24   $200
Long Dusk Bowframe   40x7    $200
Long Dusk  Sm.   24x4  $80
Split Houses    24x12    $200
Super Quid Tych    90 x 30   
Quid Tychs   30x54    $1000
Horizontal Triptychs    40x30   $600
Dauphine Diptych   24x12   $200
interchangeable  Triptych  24x15  $300
Clowns    40x30   $600